Students either support themselves or live on funds allotted by their parents. Handling classes is therefore as important as handling your finances. The truth is that not everyone is great in money matters, and this is where we fit in. Here's what we can help you do:

Balance your budget

Staying afloat with limited budget can be daunting. More often than not, expenditure exceed or equal income.

Knowing your income and calculating your expenditure with our multiple account and category feature is no-brainer. And should you tip the balance, we will inform you promptly.

Repay your student loan

Interest rate on student loan is low but soon enough it will swell into a financial burden, too heavy to bear.

If you have financed you college education, it is not 'too early' to start thinking about repayment. Prudent spending and saving via our 'easy to use' budgeting feature can make loan repayment less burdensome.

Say goodbye to debt trap

Credit card and bank overdraft are too tempting. And once you enter this maze, making an exit is not easy.

The multiple account option and budget limit notification helps you to monitor budget overshoots and overspending. And should you near your max out limit, we will send an alert to prevent you from overdrawing.

Pay for higher education

Taking out a loan is always an option but would you not like to part fund your tuition fee from your pocket?

As undergrads most of you aspire to do masters, and mastering finance takes you a step closer to your dream. Earn more and spend less is the key, and we help you do that.

Fund your future

Planning to get married? Wanting to secure your future? Looking to buy a house?

Some things are certain in life and saving for the future is therefore a necessity we help you fulfill.

Never miss a payment

How many times have you paid bank charges for missing a payment or paid late fee for failing to pay utility bill on time?

The reminder and alert feature is included for this sole purpose; helping you save every penny.

Buy your first car

As students, you may find yourself shuttling between college and your work place. Having a car becomes a necessity rather than luxury.

A car also brings added expenditures in the form of fuel cost, insurance premium, road tax, regular maintenance, etc. Apart from helping you save money for your first car, manageME7 helps you to categorize your auto expenses under a different head.

Take a summer vacation

Taking a weekend getaway or going on a summer vacation is an option we all would like to exercise.

While money may be short, finding a cheap holiday destination is not an issue. The problem lies in calculating expenses in a foreign currency and then converting it into your own. Our multiple currency support helps you to get over it with ease.


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