Limited resources need to be managed better, and this requires tracking and managing the expenses. All this can be achieved with some planning and fiscal discipline. manageME7 is developed to help you achieve your financial goals by identifying them, measuring them and then managing them.

Never miss a payment

How many times have you paid bank charges for missing a payment or paid late fee for failing to pay utility bill on time?

Avoid paying late fees on payments by our alert feature. It pre-empts you of all your financial commitments, irrespective of their size and nature.

Save for contingency

The one thing that is certain about life is that it is uncertain.

manageME7 helps you to collate all your expenses and arrange them under different heads. It ensures that no expense is overlooked, and you get a tight grip on your spending. And most of all, it helps you to save for the 'rainy day'.

Fund your future

Planning to get married? Wanting to secure your future? Looking to buy a house?

Some things are certain in life and saving for the future is therefore a necessity we help you fulfill.

Pay off your debts faster

manageME7 helps you to keep a track of your debts and when the payment falls due.

With the tracking tool, you can check the status of your debt at any point in time.

Be better prepared for your working capital requirements

With the budget feature, you can set aside stipulated funds to meet the working capital requirements of your business.

This allows you to be better prepared for the tough times. Anticipate the expenses, apportion part of your earnings in this account, and be prepared for any eventuality.

Get yourself a Personal Accounts Manager

What better than to have someone manage your finances.

manageME7 assists you to diligently watch your expenses and manage your finances. The forum section helps your to discuss financial matters and learn from the experience of others.

Guaranteed peace of mind

With advanced security features, we ensure that your data is anonymous and secure.

We do not store your credit card or bank account details and all your data is stored in 128 bit encryption format. The data is stored in hacker proof servers with maximum security.

Ease of Use

The accounts can be managed easily at the click of a mouse, without investing too much time in understanding the nitty gritties.

All of it is online and can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.

Certain other necessary expenses like planning your retirement, saving for your children' education and clearing your credit card can be easily done through manageME7.


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