We constantly manage money to live a comfortable present and have a secure future. manageME7 has been developed to better fulfill this underlying need, and help you get on top of your finances.

If customer feedback is any indicator, our legacy money management application was a huge hit - a motivation for us to take it next level by breaking some contemporary boundaries. Here's a bunch of reasons why manageME7 should be your preferred choice!

Simple and logical interface

Financial Management Software

Do you find yourself bogged down by cluttered interface and clumsy navigation?

'Simple works fine' and we spent months to ensure that manageME7 stands true to this adage. manageME7's user interface is designed to be straightforward and easy to understand.

Safe and secure

Personal Finance Tool

Safety of your data is our prime concern and this not a mere dutiful statement.

manageME7 uses 128 bit SSL encryption and all sensitive data is stored in an encrypted format. This ensures the anonymity of data. Our servers incorporate firewall protection to prevent security breach, and all data is backed up to prevent loss. Besides this we do not store any personally identifiable information or bank/credit card details.

Multiple currency support

Personal Financial Software

Dealing in multiple currencies is cumbersome due to many reasons; manual conversion and fluctuating currency conversion rate being some of them.

Our multiple currency support helps you to manage multi currency transactions with ease by providing real time currency conversion rate. Your account operates in its base currency all the time.

Recurring transactions

Personal finance management software

Our recurring transaction feature automatically adds transactions that occur periodically (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).

This is helpful for feeding regular expenses like monthly utility bill and house rent/mortgage, insurance premium, council tax, etc.

Multiple accounts

Money Management

Have 10 different bank accounts? No problem. Need to manage expenditures under 20 different categories?

You're welcome! There is no limit to the number of accounts you manage with manageME7. To name a few - you can create bank, cash, loan, and asset accounts.

Expense categorization

Expense Tracking Software

Expense comes in various 'shapes and sizes' and does not always fall under predefined heads.

We therefore let you create your own expense/income category, should you not find it in our expansive category list. So whether its money incurred on petrol, children's tuition fees or sundry monthly expenses, you will never be mystified by your expenses.

Budget overshoot alert

Personal Budgeting Software

Most often, we overspend unknowingly. By putting a virtual cap on your spending, via our budget overshoot alert,

you can keep a tight check on your expenses. Our budget overshoot feature sends a notification, every time you exceed your predefined limit. "I didn't know" will no longer be the culprit behind budget imbalance.


Money Management Tool

How many times have your felt sorry for not having remembered that special date -

your wedding anniversary or a friend's birthday? manageME7 has incorporated the reminder feature to help you keep-up with your busy life and never miss a personal commitment, at the same time.

Comprehensive reports

Free Financial Accounting Tool

Get a holistic view of your finance with our comprehensive reporting feature.

manageME7 allows you generate account wise report of income and expenditures. It also allows you to run comparative analysis between two or more budget periods.

Anytime, anywhere

free personal finance software

Get access to your finances, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

manageME7 is a web based application and therefore does not need any kind of installation. You can access your account from any computer with an internet connection.

Invite 'n' earn

manageME7 is not all about saving money; it is about earning it as well.

With our invite and earn scheme, you get credit points for every referral who signs up for our paid membership. You can redeem these credit points for cash or use it for your next membership upgrade.

Synoptic dashboard

manageME7 offers a powerful dashboard that displays all vital financial statistics associated to your account,

giving you a holistic view of your finances. manageME7's dashboard derives its salience from the usefulness, easy interpretation and importance of data it displays.


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