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Do you spend countless hours trying to figure out where your money is going? or

Find it difficult to remember transactions that appear on your credit/debit card statements along with direct debits that you thought were cancelled and subscriptions that were supposed to have expired. or

Get baffled by various financial commitments that require your time and attention.

These are just a few of the many situations that you are most likely to be face while managing your money. Keeping a close watch on your money becomes a lot easier with the help of online money management software (read manageME7).

Our online money management tool helps you to maintain a regular track of cash inflow and outflow with ease. Apart from helping you categorize your income and expense, you can manage them under separate accounts for better management.

Convenient online money management

The import function allows you to directly add all transaction details into your account in a quick and easy manner. You can import bank statements in all regular formats and do away with the pain of manual entry.

With your manageME7 account you can manage your bank account, cash account, asset account, loan account or any other type of account. It sets you free from reminiscing multiple usernames and passwords.

Regular alerts to prevent high bank fees

Failure to pay your utility bills, mortgage installments, credit card dues, insurance policy premiums, etc. on time attracts late payment fee. Most of us, at one point in time or another, have paid these ridiculously high charges. ManageME7 preempts you of all your financial commitments via the reminder alert feature thus saving you money.


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