How to use manageME7 more conveniently

In our inaugural newsletter, we had discussed ways in which you can future proof your finances. We hope that the newsletter lived up to this expectation and gave you valuable insight. This particular edition of our newsletter is intended to help you and our other prized members use manageME7 more effectively.

ManageME7 or for that matter any other application is only as effective as its usage. While manageME7 is designed to be simple, easy and intuitive, there is a lot more to it than what meets the eye.

Mentioned below is a run down of all the features that manageME7 offers to its users, and ways in which they can be used to help you keep a close watch on your finances.

1 Account: In today's world, most of us use plastic money more than cash, have loans in one form or the other and operate a couple of current and saving accounts. Managing all of these under a single head can be both confusing and daunting.

With our multi account feature, you can easily keep a track of your income and expenditures under separate accounts. The best part is that you do not have to create separate logins to be able to do so. And to make it easier for you, we have predefined a few account types and also given you the privilege to make new ones. Now, you can take a systematic approach to managing your money and not spend hours scrolling through scores of data to find what you are looking for.

The multi account feature is amply supported by add-ons such as modify and delete accounts, add transactions and export as excel sheet. View large image

2. Transactions: We spend money in many different ways and can have multiple sources of income. Remembering each and every transaction is not humanly possible and written records are always susceptible to damage or loss.

The transaction feature helps you to maintain a record of all income and expenditure and can be attributed to the most appropriate account. Not only this, you can transfer funds between accounts. This feature is further enhanced by our recurring transaction option which allows you to define transaction that needs to be added periodically. Set it and manageME7 will do the rest.

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3. Reminders:Credit card payment, monthly installments, utility bills, telephone bills, insurance premiums, and the list goes on - too much to remember, isn’t it? At some point in time, we all are bound to miss important payment dates and end up paying bank charges and late payment fee. Not only this, it will reflect negatively on the credit file, something none of us want.

The reminder feature is here to rescue you. It prompts you of all impending payments and important bill dates thereby helping you avoid bank charges/late payment fee. Your credit file stays clean and you stay happy. Not only this, this feature can double up as your personal scheduler. Give it a try and you would be amazed at how many things you keep on forgetting.

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4. Budget: Budget is the absolute essential for money management. Without budget milestones managing money, let alone saving it, will be difficult. However, even if we have budget for ourselves, without an effective tracking system we would end up over shooting it.

ManageME7 offers you a unique budgeting system that not only allows you to monitor your income and expenditure, but also notifies you when you exceed it. With manageME7’s budget feature, overspending will be a thing of past.

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5. Categories: Income and expenditures come in various forms and without categorizing them, it would be literally impossible to track your money. How much did you spend on telephone bills last month? Without expense categorization the answer to this question will elude you.

ManageME7 offer hundreds of predefined/system categories which can be easily imported for use. If you are unable to find an appropriate category, which is highly unlikely, you have the option to create one. Once you have your categories in place, you can use them every time you record a transaction.

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6. Reports: Things make more sense when viewed all at one place or when they can compared against each other. Graphical representation of data is always easy to comprehend and simple to digest.

ManageME7 incorporates a comprehensive reporting system that allows you to generate reports based on accounts, transactions, budget, and categories. Since you have the privilege to view your income and expenditure in different modes, you get an in depth and holistic overview of your finances.

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We sincerely hope that this mini usage guide will go a long way in helping you use manageME7 in a more effective and efficient manner. We believe that the more you use the better you would get at keeping your financial worries at bay!

Have a happy financing month ahead!