Money is an indispensable part of our lives but is not available limitlessly. As any other resource, it needs to be managed better, and this requires tracking and managing expenses. manageME7 helps you to collate all your financials under one roof.

Simple and secure

Do you get 'bogged down' by complex software and find them hard to use?

manageME7 is simple and easy to use. You can access it online at all time from anywhere. Above all, your data is kept anonymous and secure using 128 bit encryption, and other advanced security measures.

Budget your expenses

Do you frequently find your family expenditure exceeding the total income?

Keeping track of your expenses can be cumbersome, and therefore manageME7 is designed to help you collate all your expenses under one account. You can then diligently watch your expenses and manage your finances.

Save for the rainy day

In today's world, things can change for the good or worse. A change for the better does not require preparation but a change for the worse does.

By helping you manage your expenditures efficiently and saving regularly, manageME7 ensures that you never run out of cash. Saving for the future is a necessity we help you accomplish.

Avoid late payments

Many people surround themselves with 'post it' notes reminding them of one thing or the other. Are you one of them?

Avoid late fees on payments by our reminder and alert feature. It pre-empts you of all your financial commitments, irrespective of their size and nature.

Say goodbye to debt

Coming out of debt is easier said than done. High interest rate and stringent foreclosure clause makes it difficult.

The multiple account option and budget limit notification helps you to monitor budget overshoots and overspending. By spending less than you earn, getting rid off debt becomes less burdensome.

Get yourself a Personal Accounts Manager

What better than to have someone manage your finances.

manageME7 doubles up as your personal account manager. The comprehensive dashboard gives you a complete overview of your finances. The forum section helps you to discuss financial matters and learn from the experience of others.

Planning your retirement, saving for your children's education and clearing your credit card are few other goals that we help you accomplish.


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