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Financial planning is all about preparing for your future and securing it financially by making informed money management decisions today. You need to get proactively ready for the future and we help you do this with ease.

Many people find financial planning to be both difficult and challenging. Most of the difficulties stem from the use of rudimentary financial planning methods. Gone are days when you had no option but to stick to ‘pen and paper’ to plan your financial future. You can now count of manageME7 to help you navigate through the financial planning labyrinth.

In manageME7, you will find a reliable friend that has all the answers to your money management woes. ManageME7 makes it easier for you to manage multiple bank accounts, handle category wise transactions, keep track of your debts, track spending, and remember important payment due dates and much more. It helps you achieve your planned objectives with relative comfort and ease. The enhanced features like budget alerts and notifications help you to stick to your financial plan. Planning and managing your finances is no more a daunting affair.

On top of this, manageME7 is:-

  • Free
  • Easy
  • Online

It takes less than a minute to signup and setup your account. Begin your journey to financial well being with manageME7 today!


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