As the name suggest, this section will attempt to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about manageME7. To serve your interest better, we have streamlined FAQs according to categories.


  1. What is manageME7?

    manageME7 is a money management tool that helps you to manage your finances better. Once you create an account with manageME7, you can regularly update your income and expenses under suitable categories. This will help you in keeping a close watch on your finances and at the same time stick to your budget.

  2. Who can use manageME7?

    Practically everyone since money management is an indispensable part of lives. manageME7 is a great help to students, entrepreneurs and individuals because it allows them to streamline their money management process and save for future.

  3. Is it free to use?

    manageME7 is available both in free and paid version. Both versions have same features; however the free version has certain usage limitations. Depending upon your level of anticipated usage you can choose either the free or paid version.

  4. How safe is it?

    Even before promising easy money management, we promise 100% safety. manageME7 is SSL secured and guarantee complete secrecy. All your data is stored in an encrypted format. This effectively means that even we cannot access any of your information, rest alone selling or renting it to outside sources. Use manageME7 with complete peace of mind- your account is password protected and only available to you.

  5. How is manageME7 better than others?

    manageME7 is better than any other money management software in more than one way. It has reminder and alert service, multiple currency support, real time currency conversion, and a clean Web 2.0 interface that makes it really easy to use. For a complete feature list please click here.

  6. Is my data safe with manageME7?

    manageME7 has put in place a link to data backup policy page with the intent to keep customer and organizational data safe. The data backup policy is conceived by anticipating scenarios that can result in partial or complete data loss.

  7. Do I need to install manageME7 software on my computer?

    manageME7 is a web based application that can be accessed from anywhere, at all times. All you need is a computer with an internet connection. It is a fast, easy and secure online way of managing money.

  8. Apart from generalized money management, what extra benefits do you offer?

    manageME7 is about money management and everything! Along with managing money, you can also earn money with manageME7. With the Invite and Earn feature, you can earn credit points. These credit points can either be redeemed in cash, or can be used in your next membership upgrade.

  9. For how long can I use free membership?

    You can use manageME7 free membership for as long as you wish. We will never suspend or block your account. Should you want to graduate to the next level, you can upgrade to our paid version.

  10. What benefits do I get as a paid member?

    Paid members get many benefits over free members. Paid members enjoy unlimited access to all the features, whereas free members are entitled to a limited feature set.

  11. What do you recommend- Paid membership or free membership?

    We have designed each plan by keeping the needs of audience in mind. Free membership plan is intended for light users whereas paid membership plan is best suited for business travelers, students, and small and large scaled businessmen. If you require advanced reporting of your budgets, income and expenditure, paid membership is the plan for you.

Accounts, Transactions and Budget

  1. What types of accounts can I create?

    You can create bank accounts, cash accounts, credit accounts, loan accounts, asset accounts, to name a few.

  2. Can I manage multiple accounts with one profile?

    Yes you can manage multiple accounts under one profile. Depending on your membership plan, you will be able to create limited or unlimited accounts.

  3. Does manageME feature bank integration?

    Currently manageME7 does not offer bank integration facility. However, bank integration along with other advanced features like access via mobile phones are in the discussion phase and will be introduced soon.

  4. I'm a business traveler. Can I manage my accounts in different currencies?

    Yes you surely can. You have the liberty to create different accounts in different currencies. However, you cannot change the base currency mode of your primary account.

  5. Can I change my base currency?

    Base currency is defined during the profile creation stage, and cannot be amended after an account is created.

  6. Can I set a transaction scheduler?

    Yes you can set a transaction scheduler for your accounts using our recurring transaction feature. For this you need to define the type of account you need to set scheduler on, the occurrence, and start of period. This feature saves you from doing repeated manual entries.

  7. Can I make transactions in one currency and receive it in another?

    You can view transactions of an account in the set account currency. For example, you can transfer money from an USD account to another account which is in GBP.

  8. I read about the alerts feature on your site. What is it and how can I use it with my budget?

    The alerts feature is designed with an aim to ping you every time you overshoot your budget. You can set a budget limit with all your accounts and enable the alerts feature, which would notify you every time (if and when) you cross your budget limit. Free member would get alerts on manageME7 dashboard, whereas paid members would get them via email as well.

  9. What are reminders? Are they any different from alerts?

    Reminders feature is designed to never let you miss out on important dates. You can set reminders for payments of bills and deposits in advance, so that you can keep a track of dates for upcoming bills payment. They differ from alerts in the sense that they cater to more personal needs, whereas alerts notify you about your budget.

We hope we were able to answer all your queries. Please feel free to contact us should you need any further assistance.


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