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Without the knowledge of where the money is coming from and where it is going, it will be an uphill task to make sense of your finances. Tracking your income and expenditure via a unified tool will not only give you a holistic view of your finances but also assist you in correlating them.

ManageME7 facilitates expense tracking by letting you manage income and expenses under different heads, add manual transactions or import bank statements, and analyze each income and expense account individually. All in all, we give you the ability to track your expenses, earnings and savings anywhere and anytime, helping you manage your finance conveniently.

Automatic tracking of your expenses

Sticking to a budget is difficult at times, not because you don’t want to but because it is difficult to keep a constant check. ‘Pencil and Paper’ tracking fails miserably when it comes to tracking expenses based on category, account, time period, etc. Also, it is prone to loss and damage which makes it highly unreliable. ManageME7 incorporates a powerful report generation feature that helps you track and analyze expenses in more than one context.

Cut back on your expenditure

MangeME7 tracks every bit of expense detail made by you so that you can limit your unnecessary expenses. With the regular reports on your monetary transactions, you can analyze, identify and cut back on ‘unwanted’ expenses.

Takes less than a minute to open account

Signing up with manageME7 is simple and easy, and it requires less than a minute to open an account with manageME7. After you sign up, you can start adding account, enter transactions and even import bank statements. The interface is simple intuitive and clutter free. Also, your data is stored on a secure server employing 128 bit encryption to ensure data safety.


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