The ability of an organization to rebound after partial or complete loss of electronic data, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, is paramount to its success. More importantly, it is crucial that your data is kept safe and secure.

At manageME7, the data backup policy has been put in place to ensure that data loss does not occur due to inadvertent technical glitches, network issues and/or connectivity errors. At the same time, the policy has been drafted to allay all privacy concerns relating to customer data.

Purpose and Scope

manageME7's data backup and privacy policy is intended

  1. To safeguard the electronic data assets of manageME7 and that of its customers.
  2. To prevent loss of data in the event of incidents (accidental deletion, data corruption, server failure, etc.) or natural disasters (flood, fire, lightening, earthquake, etc.)
  3. To facilitate prompt restoration of information and business process in the event of partial or complete data loss.
  4. To prevent unauthorized access to company and/or customer data.

The data backup and privacy policy applies to all forms electronic data stored on primary and off-site servers, managed and run by manageME7.

Threat Perceptions

Loss or forgery, both unintentional and intentional, of application and/or customer data can occur due to many factors. Mentioned below are threat perceptions that can result in loss or unauthorized access of data.

  1. Exposure of storage media to external magnetic field.
  2. Destruction of storage media due to natural calamity.
  3. Failure of storage media due to ageing, unsuitable environment or technical glitch.
  4. Inadvertent overwriting or deletion of data.
  5. Deliberate destruction of data caused due to computer viruses, unauthorized access, or an act of sabotage.

Policy Outline

Data can be rendered useless or lost under various circumstances as mentioned (but not limited to) above. Due to the complexities involved, our data backup and privacy policy systematically outlines the safeguard measures, as mentioned below.

  1. Multiple data backup servers: manageME7 maintains multi location data backup servers. These servers are configured to perform full, incremental, and differential data backup and follow a predefined schedule.
  2. SSL secured: works on 128 bits SSL encryption, and thereby ensures that your data is transmitted in a secure and safe environment. It also prevents data snooping during transmission.
  3. Firewall protection: All our servers are safeguarded by firewalls and can only be accessed via a secure authentication process. This prevents unauthorized access to data stored on these servers.
    In addition to this, all servers are monitored round the clock to ensure that they function seamlessly.
  4. Data encryption: Data is stored in an encrypted form on our servers. This added security measure ensures the anonymity of data in case of any security breach.
    It also ensures that sensitive data is not accessible to anyone from within or outside the organization.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) can supplement but not supplant this policy.


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