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Manageme7 Giveaway Bash

Managing our finances becomes an undo-able task when we all get deeply stuck in our daily routine, taking care of our jobs, business, studies and home. It becomes a worry for all of us to keep a track on the flow of our income and record each and every expense. Managing money is a task which requires great skills and lot of time.

These financial worries can be solved very easily with money management applications. These web based applications help in reducing our financial stress by managing our finances anywhere anytime. When it comes to keep a limit on our finances and budget , we need all the help we can get from money management applications only.

ManageME7 is one of the key players in online money management applications area. This money management tool enables you to manage your finances in an efficient yet easy way. It acts as a lethal weapon in combating your tangled finances with its only mission to help you overcome your financial worries.

Keeping its user base in mind, manageME7 has come with a giveaway bash in which it is running two contests to win a free license of Plutus6 package(worth $12). The contest are being hold by (through its Facebook outlet) and 3 winners of each contest will be awarded with the prize.

To enter each of the contest, you have to tweet the post and/or post a comment. Detailed terms and conditions of the contests can be viewed on the posts. Winners will be announced on manageME7 blog on the specified date of announcement.

Hurry!!! grab your free license today. You can be the winner of the license from each of the contests also.

Don’t Let This Golden Chance Slip Away From Your Hands.


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