Share Your Experience

Hi everyone!

The team of Manage Me 7.0 is pleased to announce the comer of a new section, “Share your Experience” on manageME7 blog. This endeavor will make our blog your blog. Not understood? We give you the opportunity to get featured on our exclusive pages, with your own story on the agenda - My financial experience.

So come dear all… Share with us an experience in which you faced some financial trouble and successfully overcame it. Your idea of managing money may help our registered members or anyone, even us!

The admin will choose one blog post weekly and publish it on manageME7 blog. As a token of appreciation the user will be getting subscription to Plutus 6 (priced at $15), gratis!

Based on the visitor’s response, user of the month will be selected and will be rewarded with free subscription to Plutus 13 (priced at $27)

So brace yourself to win Plutus 6 & Plutus 13

Happy financing!

Send us all your experiences at and help your community in straightening their tangled finances.