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Manage Me 7.0 » » Managing Money will no longer give you Goosebumps!!!

Managing Money will no longer give you Goosebumps!!!

Managing money sounds too easy, isn’t it? But actually when it comes to managing your hard earn money, it becomes a Herculean task. At the end of the month you may feel like you have goofed up your already tangled finances. Moment of anxiety followed by confusion, you ask yourself –“where did I spend my money?”

It is because of these two simple words: “managing money” that in its absence even the illustrious Lehman brothers ended into a dire state of misery.

Managing money may not be as simple as it sounds. Even a person who is drawing a fat salary may get lost in ‘financial maze’ at the end of the month. The logic comes to this: Sometimes we don’t give due regard to the petty cash transactions done during the month.

For e.g.:-

  • Gift worth $15 given to friend’s child on his birthday.
  • $30 spent on a dinner with family.

These small things fade away from your mind and keep on piling up leaving you in a state of dilemma that where you have spent your money? By keeping in mind all the above aspects of managing finance, manageME 7.0 is incorporated with the prominent features that will enrich your financial worth both at home and business.

Now with manageME 7.0 you can handle your income and expenses more wisely, as high performance and speed will be its trademark. It’s so easy and simple to use that you will be more surprised to see that even your children can keep a track on their expenses and use their funds more judiciously!


23 Responses to “Managing Money will no longer give you Goosebumps!!!”

  1. Ankit
    10. December 2008 um 23:37

    Interesting article and a very simple one at that.Its true how we dont look at our spends properly.
    Got here through tip’d.
    I am Moneywise at tipd.

    Looking forward for many more informative articles

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  3. neeru
    17. December 2008 um 09:36


    interesting article, i am also start thinking about manageing money.please help me

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  5. Isha
    21. December 2008 um 00:59

    Being a spendthrift, i cud relate very easily to it.. thanks for an easy and simple to use solution..

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  7. Dalia Y.
    10. January 2009 um 05:23

    Controlling your financial affairs requires a budget. For many people, the word “budget” has a negative connotation. Instead of thinking of a budget as financial handcuffs, think of it as a means to achieve financial success. Faxless payday loans and budgeting tools are just a couple of the ways in which the Internet makes life easier. Budgeting or getting payday loans can be a real pain in the you-know-what if you go about it wrong, but now there are faxless payday loans you can apply for online. There are also lots of websites out there with helpful tools that make budgeting and meeting goals a piece of cake. A lot of these sites are specifically geared toward younger people, who often need the most help with this sort of thing. Check out some tools I found to help make budgeting easier and find out about faxless payday loans.

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  11. rhiplemoittee
    12. February 2009 um 04:14

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  12. GowMolemo
    15. February 2009 um 18:28

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  13. idenuigmeda
    17. February 2009 um 02:00

    Your are Great. And so is your site! Awesome content. Good job guys! Interesting article, adding it to my favourites!

  14. saurabh.kanwar
    17. February 2009 um 04:53


    Thank you for your feedback. I have asked our testing team to look into the matter and get it rectified.

    Would you be kind enough to pin point the issue?

    Thank you once again.

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  20. MichaellaS
    22. July 2009 um 19:00

    tks for the effort you put in here I appreciate it!

  21. LnddMiles
    24. July 2009 um 05:24

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