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Manage Me 7.0

Save Money by Using Cash Instead of Credit Cards

With the newer mode of handiness introducing every single day in our day to day life like credit cards, most of us do not realize the aftermath of its use. It invites several financial worries and sometimes leads to an increased debt. Buying products with the use of cash helps you avail more advantages as compared to buying products on credit.
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Save Money on Cooking Gas

Most of us do not realize the wastage of gas while cooking, which leads us to pay extra on the cooking fuel. Giving due importance to various factors such as covering the utensils while cooking, avoiding too much water etc. can really help us in saving money spent on cooking gas.
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Saving tips to minimize your mobile bills

As the competition is becoming stiffer, the mobile companies & network providers are coming with new enhanced features. By using these features you may customize your phone according to your preferences. You may avail certain features such as sending photos & videos, using internet facility on your phone etc.
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Money Saving Tips on Throwing a Party

Throwing out a party is not an easy job. It involves a lot of planning, preparations and off course money. It incurs a hefty amount from your pocket that may leave an adverse impact on your monthly budget. Proper planning while organizing a party & taking care of minuscule things may help you save a considerable amount of money.
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Start Saving money for Christmas

Christmas indeed is the most awaited festival for all of us and we don’t even believe over saving a penny in its grand celebration. But with a little creative thought and planning in advance, we can save pretty much on our expense without cutting down the charm for celebrating this fiesta.
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Save money while using ATM cards

Nowadays, most of us find it convenient to use ATM cards. But how many times we calculate the amount of money we spend on commuting to the ATMs or other things relating the ATM cards.
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Slice your Electric Bills by Saving Energy

If you are tired of paying high bills or sick of spending money on upgrading your house with the latest energy efficient gizmos, we are presenting you with some suggestions” that can help you to save some money from your monthly budget.

Refer the following money management tips for saving money on your monthly electricity bills:
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What’s new with manageME7

Tired of manually adding financial transactions from your online bank account? - Not a problem anymore! This month we have something fresh for you in the form of our new enhanced ‘Import Feature’.

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Save money on watching movies

Most of us don’t even hesitate to spend extra when it comes to watching movies. Sometimes it may also affect our monthly budget. To save money on  watching movies, we may adhere to some money management alternatives.
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Happy 4th of July!

“Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.”

Albert Camus