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Saving Money In Your Own Home

It is not only about saving money on shopping, on electricity and water bills, mobile bills, on traveling etc., but there are a number of other simple things you can do to save a lot of money. Start noticing things around you, inside your home. You can save money by taking small but important things in consideration, which can be about anything like:

  • Shutting down your PC

If suddenly you have to being off your PC for nearly an hour or more, shutting it down would be a good idea. Normally, we keep our computers running 24/7, not necessarily we use them all the time. These will not only help you save electricity but will also protect your environment from the heat coming out of it. It has been observed that a room wherein computer is placed has temperature higher by 3 or 4 degree as compared to other rooms.

  • Keeping your closet doors closed

Is there a point wasting money and electricity in keeping your closet warm? I don’t think so. You do not often use your closet for dressing up there, do you? Then what is the need to waste electricity in order to maintain the temperature of that few extra square space of your home? Keeping your close doors will not only save money on electricity but also keep your clothes away from absorbing door from outside like odour of pets, smoke, etc.

  • Replacing your Bulbs

Yes, it is a good idea and true too. Replacing your older bulbs with new compact fluorescent light will definitely help you save big amount of money. Buy one CFL every time you go shopping. This may add little to your monthly grocery budget but trust me, over a period of time you will be able to change all the bulbs of your home and in the long run, will be able to save a significant amount of money on your electricity bills.

  • Keeping your appliances maintained and clean

When things are clean, they tend to work with more efficiency.  Same applies with your appliances also like oven, gas, fridge, exhaust line of your dryer or any other appliance. Keeping them clean on frequent interval of time improves their efficiency and increases their lifespan. If you are using appliances from over a decade, better to replace it with new ones. The modern appliances sold today are more energy efficient than those made years ago.

  • Planting few vegetables in your kitchen garden

Well, this is also a good way to retain few bucks in your pocket. Think about the veggies you and your family consume most and are easy to plant. To grow few vegetables do not require much care on regular basis. You can develop different rows for different types of vegetables and useful herbs. This can be the easiest way of saving money if you love gardening and is a justified use of area left unused at your home.


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