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Keep A balance Between Your Money and Health

We all know the saying that ‘money is not everything’, that happiness depends upon the love we give and receive, but the real theory is that there must be a balance always between the spiritual and the material .

We live in a material world where everything has a cost, such as walking down the street. We pay our taxes just paving, food and clothing costs, we can not live without food or clothes. The balance about which we speak is about living in this material world with a love of money as it is what we are going to make life more pleasant, healthier and calm, clear as everything has its downside, can also be our worst torment causes of stress and problems in the couple, this one from the mishandling of it.

The result would be more or less: Get up Sunday morning with your kids healthy and happy as it was time that you spend the whole day with them, and knowing that you paid all your expenses, your refrigerator is full and still you have left money in the pocket to buy some candy for your kids. With the assurance that if you pass an accident or problem you have a cushion on the bench available for any time or that your insurance is current in payment for anything. Your money for retirement continues to grow and nothing can take away the smile of the morning. That is the way to your financial health affects your happiness.

Now we see the opposite: You did not sleep on Saturday night due to fear that anytime you’re going to cut the power or gas, your wife is concerned that there is not much to eat in the fridge and there is still much for the day pay, your children need good food to maybe have some disease by low and your defenses without money for the rest of the week, looking for someone in your family that you can lend money only to get more in debt and without paying mind someday. This does not mean you do not want your children or your family does not love you, simply neglect to managing your money can take you all that. So our theory says you should always keep a balance between material and spiritual.

The only solution to this is: do not lose the child within you, look after your health, your money, your loved ones and enjoy doing what you love.


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