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Manage Me 7.0 » » All you need in one place

All you need in one place

Have you ever imagined driving a car without a dashboard? All the vital pieces of information that is conveyed to you via those instruments in your dashboard would be missing, making it a difficult and unpleasant experience. Even if you drove with all instruments cluttered in front of you, the experience wouldn’t be any better than driving without it.

A dashboard derives its importance from the usefulness and importance of data it displays, and the ease with which this data can be understood by the user. Missing any of the crucial elements would render the dashboard useless and ineffective.

The design and development team for manageMe 7 fully comprehends the efficacy of having a powerful dashboard; a dashboard that displays all the vital financial statistics of your account in one easy to use console.

Along with account report, billing reminders and budget charts, manageMe 7 would allow you to view your reminder alerts, billing alerts and show a graphical representation of your assets/liabilities. This means a full fledged financial report right in front of your eyes!

Dashboard being the first page that you would view; we ensure that you get a holistic picture of your finances every time you log in. Navigating through multiple pages to extract important bits of information, which you require frequently, will be history in just less than 35 days.


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