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Winners of manageME7 Giveaway Contests

The contest for manageME7 free license giveaway on linkbuildingscool and UXbooth (Facebook outlet) have closed and now it is the time to announce the winners of the contest. With this post, we take a chance to thank linkbuildingscool, UXBooth and all the participants for their interest in the contests.

The three winners of the respective contests are:

Winners of contest on linkbuildingscool:

Camila, RohiniSeth and Stacy Lorsan

Winners of contest on UXBooth:

Tom Walters, Sophia Browne and Vinay Kashyap

Congratulations to all of the winners. They will be contacted soon by our support team to claim their free license for manageME7 Plutus 6 package.

Get in touch with us to know more about our upcoming events, discounts and offers.

Happy Financing!!!

Manageme7 Giveaway Bash

Managing our finances becomes an undo-able task when we all get deeply stuck in our daily routine, taking care of our jobs, business, studies and home. It becomes a worry for all of us to keep a track on the flow of our income and record each and every expense. Managing money is a task which requires great skills and lot of time.

These financial worries can be solved very easily with money management applications. These web based applications help in reducing our financial stress by managing our finances anywhere anytime. When it comes to keep a limit on our finances and budget , we need all the help we can get from money management applications only.

ManageME7 is one of the key players in online money management applications area. This money management tool enables you to manage your finances in an efficient yet easy way. It acts as a lethal weapon in combating your tangled finances with its only mission to help you overcome your financial worries.

Keeping its user base in mind, manageME7 has come with a giveaway bash in which it is running two contests to win a free license of Plutus6 package(worth $12). The contest are being hold by (through its Facebook outlet) and 3 winners of each contest will be awarded with the prize.

To enter each of the contest, you have to tweet the post and/or post a comment. Detailed terms and conditions of the contests can be viewed on the posts. Winners will be announced on manageME7 blog on the specified date of announcement.

Hurry!!! grab your free license today. You can be the winner of the license from each of the contests also.

Don’t Let This Golden Chance Slip Away From Your Hands.

What’s new with manageME7

Tired of manually adding financial transactions from your online bank account? - Not a problem anymore! This month we have something fresh for you in the form of our new enhanced ‘Import Feature’.

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Take charge of your finances for $1

Get ready for manageME7 Bonanza! We are rolling our new-fangled roll-over-prize, Get manageME7 for $1”
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Your personal wealth creator is here

Today marks a significant landmark in manageME’s journey. We have launched manageME7 today for making money management more convenient for you. You will now be able to manage your income and expenditure effortlessly along with your day-to-day activities.

The journey so far has demanded a lot of hard work, patience and research work on our end. Everybody from our technical team to business development team has painstakingly tried to incorporate all the feedbacks of our customers.
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‘Plutus’- your personal wealth creator

The inspiration behind manageME, both our legacy and upcoming application, is to not only help you manage money efficiently but also save it. The manageME team strongly believes in the philosophy of ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’.

In the run down for the launch, we were brainstorming to come up with names for our premium packages. Naming the packages after precious gems and metals, validity period or some other fancy names were some of the most obvious choices. But we wanted the name to mean something; we wanted it to symbolize our core philosophy “your personal wealth creator”.

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Delayed for the Better!

Envisioning what consumers require from a product or service is the most challenging task. No matter how hard we try, the vision we have does not always overlap with your requirements. This is where ‘customer feedback’ plays an important role; creating synergy between our vision and your requirement.

Ever since we announced the launch of manageMe 7, we have received thousands of emails from our existing as well as prospective customers. It has been a mixed bag really; some of the mails being critical while others have applauded us for our efforts to develop an enhanced version of manageMe. I have literally been ‘on my toes’ trying to respond to all these mails (attendance is thin due to Christmas), and communicating your feedback to our design and development team.
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