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All That You Need to Prepare A Budget

While creating a budget, people often end up in frustration, but creating a budget is not as hard as it may seem at first. Preparing a budget is tough when you have no idea of what your expenses should be. Most of the expenses that people have are on housing, utilities, groceries, personal care, pet care transportation taxes, debt savings & investing, communications, entertainment & gifts. Records of surveys show that people who use a formal budget to manage their monthly expenses keep a track of their finances and write down each income and expense.

To Start with creating a budget, start by making a list of all the expenses you can recall and the amount that you can spend on them. It would help you to review your history on your checking account and credit cards.

List all your income and expenses accurately. Don’t round the figures  up or down. Don’t smudge on how much of your income goes to taxes. Don’t leave things out.

Include enough categories to know where your money is going. However, too many people go to extremes in details. You don’t need to necessarily track every single category, you can lump some together. Review your budget regularly to determine that you have enough categories and are budgeting enough for each category.

Track how much cash you are spending. If you are not good able to track, give yourself an allowance of cash that is all you have to spend. Try not to overspend on your cash limit for the month. We know what can and can’t come out of our checking, so it protects our budget.

Consider your savings as a bill that must be paid. It is recommended to have it automatically withdrawn from your checking each month. That way, there is no way to avoid paying your savings. It is already gone. You won’t spend it thinking you’ll put a little extra in next month. The most important bill you have to pay is your future.

Budgeting isn’t about tracking money, it is about meeting financial goals. It allows you to save for your future, for your kids’ education, for vacations and other things you want to do in your life. Without these goals, there is no reason for a budget and it will fail.

Keep a look at your budget regularly to see how you spend your money. With this you would be able to look at your budget and see exactly what can or needs to be changed. You can always challenge yourself to cut costs and save more.

The only thing is that should be kept in your mind is to keep your eye on the goal and have a positive attitude that will only make your budget work. Always look at your budget as a way to find money for your future.

Your personal wealth creator is here

Today marks a significant landmark in manageME’s journey. We have launched manageME7 today for making money management more convenient for you. You will now be able to manage your income and expenditure effortlessly along with your day-to-day activities.

The journey so far has demanded a lot of hard work, patience and research work on our end. Everybody from our technical team to business development team has painstakingly tried to incorporate all the feedbacks of our customers.
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‘Plutus’- your personal wealth creator

The inspiration behind manageME, both our legacy and upcoming application, is to not only help you manage money efficiently but also save it. The manageME team strongly believes in the philosophy of ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’.

In the run down for the launch, we were brainstorming to come up with names for our premium packages. Naming the packages after precious gems and metals, validity period or some other fancy names were some of the most obvious choices. But we wanted the name to mean something; we wanted it to symbolize our core philosophy “your personal wealth creator”.

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Budget- A Necessary Evil!

The word ‘budget’ is one of the most dreaded “B” words. Even a casual mention of this word is capable of inducing a sense of panic in you and me. Bankruptcy is the only other word I can think of, which can potentially create or supersede the aversion contrived by the word ‘Budget’. However, budget is the only practical way of getting a firm hold on your spending.

The importance of budget stems from fact that it not only assists you in keeping your finances in order, but also helps you in saving for a secure future. As the saying goes, “the art is not in making money, but in keeping it.”
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