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A Simple Money Management Assessment Test

Here is a small and extremely simple exercise to check your money management skills- just right now, write your total deposits, your debts, your net savings and your monthly expenses on a piece of paper. Many of you would not be able to write the figures correctly. Isn’t it really surprising? It could be because your money is not streamlined. So how would you make a judicious use when you don’t know your money?
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Your personal wealth creator is here

Today marks a significant landmark in manageME’s journey. We have launched manageME7 today for making money management more convenient for you. You will now be able to manage your income and expenditure effortlessly along with your day-to-day activities.

The journey so far has demanded a lot of hard work, patience and research work on our end. Everybody from our technical team to business development team has painstakingly tried to incorporate all the feedbacks of our customers.
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‘Plutus’- your personal wealth creator

The inspiration behind manageME, both our legacy and upcoming application, is to not only help you manage money efficiently but also save it. The manageME team strongly believes in the philosophy of ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’.

In the run down for the launch, we were brainstorming to come up with names for our premium packages. Naming the packages after precious gems and metals, validity period or some other fancy names were some of the most obvious choices. But we wanted the name to mean something; we wanted it to symbolize our core philosophy “your personal wealth creator”.

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All you need in one place

Have you ever imagined driving a car without a dashboard? All the vital pieces of information that is conveyed to you via those instruments in your dashboard would be missing, making it a difficult and unpleasant experience. Even if you drove with all instruments cluttered in front of you, the experience wouldn’t be any better than driving without it.
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