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Keep A balance Between Your Money and Health

We all know the saying that ‘money is not everything’, that happiness depends upon the love we give and receive, but the real theory is that there must be a balance always between the spiritual and the material .

We live in a material world where everything has a cost, such as walking down the street. We pay our taxes just paving, food and clothing costs, we can not live without food or clothes. The balance about which we speak is about living in this material world with a love of money as it is what we are going to make life more pleasant, healthier and calm, clear as everything has its downside, can also be our worst torment causes of stress and problems in the couple, this one from the mishandling of it.

The result would be more or less: Get up Sunday morning with your kids healthy and happy as it was time that you spend the whole day with them, and knowing that you paid all your expenses, your refrigerator is full and still you have left money in the pocket to buy some candy for your kids. With the assurance that if you pass an accident or problem you have a cushion on the bench available for any time or that your insurance is current in payment for anything. Your money for retirement continues to grow and nothing can take away the smile of the morning. That is the way to your financial health affects your happiness.

Now we see the opposite: You did not sleep on Saturday night due to fear that anytime you’re going to cut the power or gas, your wife is concerned that there is not much to eat in the fridge and there is still much for the day pay, your children need good food to maybe have some disease by low and your defenses without money for the rest of the week, looking for someone in your family that you can lend money only to get more in debt and without paying mind someday. This does not mean you do not want your children or your family does not love you, simply neglect to managing your money can take you all that. So our theory says you should always keep a balance between material and spiritual.

The only solution to this is: do not lose the child within you, look after your health, your money, your loved ones and enjoy doing what you love.

Is It Better To Move Your Money To A Small Bank?

Off late there has been a debate about whether to move your money to a small bank or not. People have started to boycott big banks due to their poor services and move money to a small bank.

The reason behind moving your money is that the big banks don’t care about people, small businesses, and community. Smaller, community banks are supposed to be more responsible and personal because you know the bankers personally. The organizers believe that a mass movement to smaller banks will force the big banks to be more responsible.

If you are also thinking about moving your money to a nearby small bank, then it is advised do some research before stepping further as there are some factors in favor and not in favor of this.

Favorable Factors:

Control: The biggest advantage of moving your money is the feeling of control over the situation that you’ll receive from sticking to a small bank.

Support to Small Business: A small bank nearby, supports local organizations and lends to small businesses. Being in a small community, they become a part of the community.

Personalized Services: A bank with just a few branches and clients provide better personalized service when you have some problem related to your accounts. Moreover they charge less fees for their services.

Unfavorable Factors:

Inconvenience: Local banks have a limited number of ATMs that may also be far from the place where you work or live.

Over-leveraging: Big banks are bailed out for excessive leverage but smaller banks fail in much higher numbers because they over-leverage and make risky loans.

Higher Risk: Most of the community banks are failure prone. Before placing your money in a small bank, you should verify its ratings.

The decision about moving your money depends totally on you. You have to decide whether switching to a smaller bank is right for you and your financial habits.

Save Fuel To Manage Your Money

Fuel being the non renewable source of energy needs to be saved for future. Imagine how much would it cost after some years if we keep on wasting it like this. Apart from saving it or our future use, we also need to save it reduce our petrol bills and manage expenses. The best way is to walk more or talk public transport . Yet even, sometimes we need to drive by our personal vehicles. Then, what to do?

For this you need to to follow or try at least these things:

Improve your vehicle’s efficiency:

Keep your tyres correctly inflated and get correct amount of pressure in tyres as low pressure needs more fuel.

Clear out junk from the boot to make it lighter in weight and reduce less effort to speed up.

Turn on air conditioner only when required otherwise turn it off to save a large amount of fuel

Fill only the adequate amount of fuel.

Drive smoothly and efficiently:

Accelerate slowly to stay under 3,000 revs. Remember ‘the harder you press accelerator, the more fuel you spend.’

Always apply the correct gear.

Let your car slow down naturally to use its stored momentum rather than using the brakes always

Take care while filling up the fuel:

Do not overfill the fuel tank so much that petrol nozzle ‘clunks’.

Always refill at least fifty miles before the tank is empty.

Fill up at night when it’s cold and you get some extra bit of fuel.

Pay Wisely:

Always try to pay with a cashback/fuel credit card to get some of your outlay back.

Check out for the new petrol schemes and promotions regularly to get worth out of a single penny.

Save Money in an Electronic Way

Since its origin Internet has changed our lifestyles. At one hand it is a medium of shopping online, and on the other hand it offers many opportunities for saving money. Following are the tips with which you can save your bucks in an electronic and smarter way:

Use a combined service: These days many companies are offering combined services for cable, internet and telephone that not only cost less, but also provide you the convenience of a single bill.

Slow down your internet service: It may sound strange, but you can save up to $15 per month and you wouldn’t notice any difference when surfing internet.

Read stuff online: You can save money and paper as well by reading books, magazine and other stuff online. You can get a lot of stuff online and can save on your spending. Even some magazines now offer their content for free online.

Buy products over the internet: Almost each and every product whether it is for commercial or household use, can be bought online. This would save your petrol cost your should have spent in driving to market for shopping. Moreover, various discounts are also availed if you buy products online.

Use internet phone service: By doing so, you can save a substantial amount of money. Internet telephone service costs as little as $9.95 a month and service providers offer the best price to you.

Swap books online: You can very easily swap the books you’ve read via the internet with others. Various websites are providing this service which can help you exchange and trade your collection with others online.

Use revenue-sharing websites: These websites serve as portals to other shopping websites. When you make a purchase at one of the listed sites, the revenue-sharing sites make a commission off of each sale and share the commission with users. In this way, you can earn refunds by making ordinary purchases from online retailers.

Tips to Save Money for Entrepreneurs

Starting up a business might not consume a huge amount of cash, but requires a huge cost to maintain it to cope up with today’s business environment. Sometimes, when the growth expectations of a business might not play out as it is expected, we need to focus more on cutting cost and expenses involved in running a business. Here are some common suggestions and ideas shared with you entrepreneurs to cut expenses prevailing in your businesses and how to save more:
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Saving Money In Your Own Home

It is not only about saving money on shopping, on electricity and water bills, mobile bills, on traveling etc., but there are a number of other simple things you can do to save a lot of money. Start noticing things around you, inside your home. You can save money by taking small but important things in consideration, which can be about anything like:
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Key Terms to understand when reading your Credit Card Statement

Continuing with our discussion on credit card statement, we would now discuss the key terms used in the statement and their meanings. The explanation given below would help you understand the key terms better and thus help you better understand your credit card statements;
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Importance of keeping Credit Card Statements

This blog will not give you any other saving tip but will tell you about the importance of keeping credit card statements for you as a credit card holder and why you should keep your monthly statements carefully with you.
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How to save when Dining Out

Restaurants – Our budget-buster!

We all love to eat out, for convenience, for great taste, or for any other reason, but the only thing that makes all of us worry is our huge expenditure on dining out.
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Money Reclamation - A smart way to save money

We  work very hard for earning a suitable amount of income for living a smooth financial life. We take due care in handling our hard earned money. But most of the time we do not realize that due to our negligence we might have goofed up with our money.
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